New Charges For Abuse Suspect

An eastern Kentucky man behind bars, accused in a bizarre abuse case, is facing new charges tonight.

Billy Crawford is one of four people behind bars, after state police say they found Donna Hicks locked in a closet in his mother's home.

Today, a new charge has been filed against Crawford, this one for assault. The citation says Crawford got into a fight with another inmate in the Perry County Jail.

Crawford, along with his wife, his mother, and another man were all put in jail for unlawful imprisonment and criminal abuse of Donna Hicks. Hicks was found badly bruised last week in the family's home.

Crawford told us in a jailhouse interview yesterday, he and his family had no part in hurting Hicks.

Since the assault charge, Crawford's bond has been raised to 120 thousand dollars. The other four people charged in the abuse case have their bond set at 100 thousand dollars.

Crawford will be arraigned on the assault charge Monday morning.

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