Lexington Banks Taking Measures To Prevent Bank Robberies

It's a crime that's skyrocketing in Lexington, bank robberies.
The most recent hold-up was today at the Fifth Third Bank on Versailles road. That makes 22 for the year, the same number combined for 2005 and 2006. We've already hit a record high for bank robberies in Lexington and there's still a month left in the year.
The rash of robberies has some banks changing the way they do security. First Federal Bank on Tates Creek Road has been hit four times in the last twelve-months and reported two more attempted bank robberies at that branch location.
Because of the significant increase in robberies the bank is implementing new security measures.
One example of security changes at First Federal on Tates Creek Road, Customers now have to be buzzed into the building by tellers.
A security measure police say has already prevented a bank robbery.

The Fifth Third Bank of Versailles Road was locked down on Monday after a bank robbery.

Police say a man, wearing an old man Halloween mask, walked into the Fifth Third Bank on Versailles Road at around 9:30 , and pulled out a gun.

He got away with some money, but the teller followed procedure, and put a dye pack in with the money.

The suspect ran away on foot toward Devonport Drive, where the dye pack exploded.

The suspect lost some of the money in that area, which police recovered.

Police say there's a good chance the suspect is covered in red dye.

Police also say this suspect may be the same person who robbed the Chase Bank on North Broadway last month.

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