Lexington Woman Hopes Someone Will Return Christmas Money Lost In Parking Lot

A Lexington woman says it was all the money she had for Christmas.

But that $600 is gone after she lost it in a store's parking lot.

She thinks she knows who found it, and now, she's hoping they'll return it, in the spirit of the season.

Melody Hill works several jobs and she's been trying to save money for a special reason this holiday season.

"I want to bring my daughter up from Florida for Christmas," Hill said.

But that may not happen, because the $600 she made this weekend is gone.

Hill says she lost the money, attached to a money clip, in the parking lot of the Foodland Market on Eureka Springs Drive.

There is surveillance video from the store showing someone picking up something next to Hill's car. The store manager says he's pretty sure it's the money clip.

"I saw the little girl pick up something on the ground and hand it to her dad," Eli Natour said.

Natour is trying to get in touch with the man because he recognized him.

But Hill says she knows getting her money back is a long shot because whomever picked it up didn't commit any crime.

"It's finders keepers," Hill said. "It's not against the law so it's basically if he feels like it's right to give it back or keep it."

Hill says she had so much cash on her at the time because she works late nights, and did not have a chance to get to the bank.

Hill and Natour hope whomever picked up the money clip from the parking lot will return it, in the spirit of the Christmas season.

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