Search For Pharmacy Robber

A search is underway for a man, police say is armed and dangerous.

Boone County Sheriff's Deputies are looking for a man who may be responsible for robbing three different pharmacies.

They released surveillance video today, and say they want your help in identifying the suspect.

The suspect is after drugs. He got them in all three robberies, while managing to evaded police all three times.

Police have just now released video of one of those robberies, at the Walton Pharmacy in Boone County.

In this robbery, the suspect can be seen walking down the isle of the pharmacy, wearing a hooded sweatshirt and sunglasses.

Police say he went up to the pharmacy counter, pointed a gun at the clerks, and told them to give him Oxycontin.

Once he got the drugs, he ran out of the store and got into a car driven by a woman.

Police say this robbery is similar to two other pharmacy robberies in Northern Kentucky.

Those other two robberies happened in Crescent Springs and Highland Heights.

Right now, police are working to figure out if it is the same man is responsible for all three.

The suspect and woman were last seen headed northbound on I-75.

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