Barber Sentenced To Prison

In Fleming County, a mother was sentenced today for the death of her 18-month-old son.

Toni Barber entered an Alford plea to manslaughter and criminal abuse back in October.

Her son, Kaleb Davis, was found dead inside a hot van in August of last year.

The defense team called 6 character witnesses, including Toni Barber's father, mother and brother, who all testified as to why the judge should grant probation, rather than the recommended 7 years in prison.

The prosecution called the detective who worked the case, and the paternal grandfather of Kaleb Davis.

Finally, Toni Barber stood before a judge and offered her own plea for leniency.

The judge sentenced Barber to 7 years on 1 count of second degree manslaughter, and 2 years on 1 count of criminal abuse. Those years are to be served concurrently.

A custody hearing is now scheduled for tomorrow to determine who will take care of Barber's surviving child.

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