Environmentally Friendly Ways To Prepare For Winter Weather

Parts of the state got their first taste of winter this week. City and state road crews are prepared for a possible repeat appearance from winter tomorrow, so it's not too early for you to be prepared as well.

Every winter, the go-to product for melting snow and ice is rock salt.

Ordinary rock salt is not very environmentally friendly, but there are greener alternatives on shelves here in Lexington.

While rock salt is most widely used during the winter because of low cost and high efficiency, it can actually do more harm than good. Ordinary rock salt can eat away at driveways, corrode cars, kills trees and plants, and contaminate groundwater through run off.

But there are greener de-icers that are better for your property and equally effective.

The Prestone Driveway heat is one alternative, which Lowes Sales Manager, Jason Mendez, says are just as effective and a little easier on the environment and its not going to have as harsh effects on your driveway.

A second alternative is called Road Runner, which has proven to be safer on the environment, safer on your lawns, and driveways.

A 50- pound bag of ordinary rock salt goes for about $5/ bag, while this alternative de-icer that is more environmentally friendly goes for about $9/bag. Although, it could end up saving you money in the long run when spring rolls around.

So, while you may have to dish out a few extra dollars, it will keep you from spending dollars on new landscape and to repair damage to your driveways.

So far this season, the cheaper, more harmful rock salt has been the leading seller across Lexington.

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