Search Crews Find Missing Man

Nearly 24 hours after he went missing, rescue crews found a 67-year old man who got disoriented after a car crash.

Search teams located Leon Farris just after ten this morning in Garrard County just a few miles from where the he was last seen.

Farris' daughter says her father even had to take steps Thursday night to stay warm in the extreme cold.

Farris had been missing since 11:00am Thursday.

Farris was headed to his furniture store in Berea when he called an employee. The worker says Farris sounded confused. Farris' family says he has diabetes.

Farris' family contacted 27 NEWSFIRST early Friday morning and said they had heard from him. Farris says he had hit a water puddle and gone over an embankment. Farris told them they he was in an area where he could hear trains. He also remembers going under an overpass, near a home under construction.

Overnight, State Police recieved also several calls from Farris, but had trouble with cell phone reception.

He was finally located in Garrard County, just a few miles from where he was last seen.

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