People Rescued From Flood Water

Firefighters in Jessamine County rescued people from a car, after they drove through high waters.

It unfolded along Mackey Pike, just off Ash Grove Pike near the Fayette County line. The driver is 5-months pregnant.

Three people were headed toward their homes in Jessamine County, when they became trapped in flood waters.

The driver had no warning of the flooding and headed right into the high water. The car stalled, near a creek bed.

"The only thing that was going through my mind is getting home. I've got a 14-month old at home. And, I was just prying we didn't float right into the creek, 'cause there was no saving us if we got into that creek," said Corey Hall, a passenger in the car.

Police have placed high water signs in the area where this happened.
Mackey Pike is closed because of the water.

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