Accused Drunk Flight Attendant's Plea Deal Denied

A judge denies a plea agreement for a flight attendant facing charges in Lexington.

Sarah Mills was scheduled to go on trial Wednesday morning for charges that got her kicked off a plane at Blue Grass Airport, but lawyers for the prosecution and defense has reached a plea deal.

The judge wouldn't accept the deal, because Mills didn't appear in court as she had ordered.

Mills is charged with alcohol intoxication and terroristic threatening.

Investigators say she looked at the plane's pilot and said, "You are dead," back in August.

According to court documents, Mills blew a .03 at the time of her arrest.

That level is below the legal driving limit of .08 and below the FAA flying level of .04, but enough for charges to be brought against her, according to police.

Mills' lawyer says she didn't appear because she's at a rehab center in St. Louis.

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