Unusual Burglary At Lexington Church

In Lexington an unusual burglary has members of a church asking questions.

Thieves broke into the youth group building at Gardenside Baptist Church on Traveller Road.

While they took off with computers and musical equipment, some of the other things they stole are a little more bizarre.

Not only did burglars take odd things like old basketball trophies, when they broke into the youth building Monday night, they also ransacked the fridge.

But some members at Gardenside Baptist Church say it was other items stolen that were worth much more.

While churchgoers say they don't understand why someone would steal from a place of worship, they do know their faith cannot be taken.

Members agree that the youth group does not require material things, however, they say they are bothered by people's desperation for money.

The kind of people that would leave beer cans and cigarette butts at the scene of the crime. Evidence that police now hope can help them catch the burglars who stole thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

The church says about $4,500 in stereo equipment was stolen, not including the vandalism and personal items.

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