Video Captures Part of Courtroom Scuffle

Jerry Couch is no stranger to trouble. Police say he fought with them Monday night during a domestic dispute and court records show he's been charged with either resisting arrest or fighting with others before. And on Thursday during his arraignment, he wanted to talk about his charges before a judge but his attorney told him to stop.

Couch sits down; another inmate is brought forward. 10 minutes later Couch is overheard saying he wants to go back to jail.

The judge tells Couch to be quiet but he doesn’t.

Police say Couch then lunges at the bailiff; another deputy runs over to help. People back away. Couch, clearly upset, starts spewing profanity. He is tasered several times and finally brought under control outside the courtroom.

Police say the bailiff and two deputies were hurt, including one that was bitten. Several hours later, police say Couch tried to hang himself at the jail. Now he's in the hospital in critical condition.

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