Danville Police Say Home Burglaries, Car Break-Ins Are Connected

Police in Danville are continuing to investigate a string of burglaries committed over the past week, but that crime spree has taken a new turn.

Police now think the person who burglarized those homes is now targeting vehicle.

Most of the crimes have happened in the Lannock Place development, just off the bypass in Danville. Some say it is the perfect target for thieves, looking for a quick target and a quick escape.

Many people who live in the development drive high-end cars, and while only one of the recent burglaries happened here, most of the seven car break-ins in the past ten days targeted the area.

Police say the thief or thieves broke into the vehicles, taking electronics like ipods, stereos and satellite radios.

Now, warnings to people to keep the door and windows of their homes locked have been extended to their cars.

Police seem convinced the person who pulled off the home burglaries also did the car jobs.

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