Post Office Brings It's Business To You

People living in one growing Lexington neighborhood will be able to mail their Christmas packages this year, without going very far from home.

It's a growing trend, putting postal service in businesses near the entrances to thriving subdivisions like Gleneagles at the corner of Man-O-War and Polo Club Lane.

And it's a trend going on around the country, not just here. Officials with the Lexington Post Office say one of their main objectives is to bring the convenience of doing business with the Post Office to the communities.

Today was the official grand opening of this mini-post office, complete with a ribbon cutting and a Pledge of Allegiance.

They're called CPU's, Contract Postal Units, and the owners of this Chevron are delighted to have one here, saying it's already brought a lot of business.

And with the price of gasoline around 3 dollars a gallon, people living in Gleneagles welcome not having to drive all the way to the nearest full service post office at New Circle and Liberty Road.

The Gleneagles Chevron retail postal location will be open every day, from ten to ten.

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