Evidence Holding Up Madison County Child’s Murder Case

RICHMOND — Attorneys both for the commonwealth as well as murder suspects Verona “V.J.” Brinegar and Ronnie Crabtree are waiting on lab results for one final piece of evidence before moving forward in the case of 2-year-old Callie Robinson’s death, reports The Richmond Register in its Sunday edition.

During a pretrial conference Thursday in Madison Circuit Court, Brinegar and Crabtree appeared with their public defenders, Susanne McCullough and Valetta Browne, respectively. Assistant Madison Commonwealth’s Attorney Jennifer Hall said lab testing of a blanket is pending, but should be “forthcoming quickly.” Two blankets and a sleeping bag were seized from the home by means of a search warrant following Callie’s death, the Register reports.

A preliminary report from the state medical examiner’s office ruled Callie was suffocated. During a preliminary hearing in August, Richmond Police Detective Eric Long testified about an activity referred to as the “burrito game.” Long could not recall where the phrase initiated, but said Brinegar’s 4-year-old son described Brinegar and Crabtree wrapping he and his sister in blankets tightly enough that they were immobilized, reports the newspaper.

More evidence has been made available to the attorneys since the last hearing, Hall said, including witness interviews, phone records, a final autopsy report and additional police supplements.

“I think things have progressed nicely since we were here the last time,” Hall said.

However, Madison Circuit Judge Bill Jennings said before a trial date is set, another pretrial conference should be conducted to make sure everyone has all the evidence in the case needed to proceed. He set that hearing for Jan. 10 at 3 p.m., reports the Richmond Register.

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