Lawsuit Against City Of Richmond In Judge’s Hands

RICHMOND — A lawsuit with claims of theft and racial profiling against the city of Richmond has come full circle and resurfaced Thursday in Madison Circuit Court, reports The Richmond Register in its Sunday edition.

However, Judge William Jennings did not hear the scheduled oral argument because of the volume of cases at motion hour, said Charley Cole of Sturgill, Turner, Barker and Moloney PLLC in Lexington, which is representing the City of Richmond in the lawsuit.

“The matter will be submitted for a decision, based upon the briefing of the parties,” Cole said.

The result will be a summary judgment in which the judge will make a decision based on the information presented without going through a trial, reports the Register.

The suit, originally filed April 3 in Madison Circuit Court by Lexington resident Otto Wilhite, 74, remained in limbo in federal court this summer while waiting for a U.S. District Court judge to decide if the case should be dismissed.

Wilhite claims that he was pulled over by Richmond police because he is black and police logged into evidence about $3,000 less than what they found in his car when he was stopped in November 2006.

The case was dismissed from federal court in July and returned to Madison Circuit Court. U.S. District Judge Joseph Hood returned the dismissal, citing a lack of subject matter jurisdiction, reports the Richmond Register.

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