Men Shoot At Clerk During Gas Station Robbery

Georgetown Police are looking for two men involved in an early morning robbery.

The men walked into the Shell Mart at the corner of Broadway and Showalter Drive around three Monday morning.

Surveillance pictures show the men, with faces covered, bursting into the store.

Police say one of the men fired several shots. One of those shots narrowly missed hitting the clerk in the head. She gave the men cash and they left the store.

Police say one of the gunman came back in the store after he saw the clerk pick up the phone to call police. They say he fired another shot at the woman and told her to go in the back room.

Police used a K-9 unit to search around the building and a nearby neighborhood, but there's no sign of the men.

This robbery comes just weeks after another violent gas station robbery in Georgetown. In that robbery, two men shot a clerk at the Shell Station on Main Street. The clerk was hit in the finger.

Police are looking into the possibility that the crimes could be connected. They say these robberies are troubling because, in both cases, the robbers shot at clerks who were cooperating with their demands.

If you have any information about these robberies, you're asked to call Georgetown police.

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