Long Lines At Post Offices As Christmas Approaches

Monday was the busiest mailing day of the year and the Post Office was busy handling thousands of pieces of mail.

Postmaster, Clyde Barton says approximately 750,000 pieces of mail are delivered every day in the two weeks before Christmas. The average number of mail delivered on a normal day is about 450,000.

Despite the lines, customers for the most part, were pleased with the fast service and convenient kiosks that helped make the visit to the post office a quicker one.

Supervisor of the Processing center, Joel Hall, addressed concerns about timely deliveries saying "not too worry" and that postal workers would ensure all packages were delivered on Christmas Da,y if not sooner.

For those who haven't dropped off packages at the post office and would like them delivered by Christmas, the deadline for priority mail is Thursday, December 20th. The deadline for express mail is Saturday, December 22nd.

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