Illegal "Hospital Dumping" Happening In Lexington

It's a growing problem in Lexington, and some say it may get worse before it ever gets better.

We're talking about hospital dumping.

It's a term used when someone gets out of the hospital and they have no place to go.

Officials with the Catholic Action Center says over the past 18 days, nine men have been released from Eastern State Hospital and delivered here by a taxi cab.

Ginny Ramsey with the Catholic Action Center says many times the families of the individuals don't have the resources to care for them and evidently, the system doesn't either.

As the number of individuals being dumped increases, Ramsey says the risks are on the rise as well!

The Catholic Action Center is working on a way to change that.

Calls were made to Eastern State Hospital, which were not returned.

Joe Toye with the Bluegrass Mental Health Board says he will personally look into the issue.

After talking with the state today about the situation, they have since contacted the Catholic Action Center, and now have a meeting planned to address the problem.

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