126-year-old men's clothing store closing in Lexington

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A Lexington business that was open for more than a century is closing its doors for good. Graves Cox & Company first opened on West Main Street in 1888.

Traditional business attire looks a lot different than what businessmen dress like today.

"We're seeing a lot more casual, and it's coming on fast," said Leonard Cox, the owner of Graves Cox & Company.

And this store owner says the change has directly affected this 126-year-old men's clothing business.

"Young people are wearing causal clothes. And a lot of individuals, men my age, aren't wearing clothing like they used to," said Cox. "They don't have to because everything is dress down now."

And since Graves Cox & Company offers that certain attire for men that is phasing out, it's now closing with the owner retiring.

"I love the business," said Cox. "I still like it, but it's time now for me not to put anymore money into it."

Cox says keeping the business running at a steady pace has been a challenge. He tells us he foresaw the closing six months ago.

"So we're trying to develop an exit strategy which we're doing with this big sale we're going to start," said Cox. "We're going to run it until we sell out of goods. And there are two gentlemen from Georgia that have offered to buy the store in August."

They are marking down everything with a private sale on Wednesday and public sale on Thursday starting at 9 a.m.

"Being proud of something is great, but you've got to have what people want," said Cox.

The owner tells us his store is the oldest retail store and one of the oldest businesses in Lexington.

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