Crews Work To Clean Up Diesel Fuel Leak In Creek

Firefighters and haz-mat crews spent much of the afternoon on Tuesday working to contain a diesel fuel leak in a Fayette County creek. They say thousands of gallons of fuel could be in the water.

An observant driver spotted fuel in Wolfe Run Creek at around one in the afternoon. The leak is in the area of Werne Drive, which is near the intersection of Old Frankfort Pike and New Circle Road.

Wolfe Run Creek flows towards Scott County where it empties into South Elkhorn Creek.

Crews put booms in the water to help with the clean-up. They act like sponges to soak up the fuel sitting on the surface of the water and keep it from flowing downstream.

Workers say the diesel fuel is leaking from an underground tank upstream that still has about 3,000 gallons of fuel inside.

While the leak is concerning from an environmental standpoint, haz mat crews say it will not impact the water supply. They also say recent heavy rains are helping to dilute the fuel as it flows downstream.

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