Gas Tips For The Holiday Traveler

Tis the season to travel, but the price of gas seems to be putting a halt to many peoples' plans.

With gas on the rise again, everyone is looking for ways to save!

Terrell Holt has a background in chemistry and metallurgical engineering.
After working in the automotive industry for years, he knows a thing or two about conserving.

Holt says, with the price of gasoline fluctuating around 3 dollars a gallon, every penny helps. Even if it's a few pennies here and there, down the road that's equals a few dollars.

First he says, pump your gas in the early morning hours. To get your value for your dollar, fill it up when the gas it cold, because it weighs more per gallon.

Second, when squeezing the gas nozzle keep the trigger on the slow mode, because it creates less vapors, which can fill up your tank.

Holt also says if there is a gasoline truck pumping into the storage tanks when you stop to buy gas, it is better to wait until they are finished. This will keep your tank from collecting any sediment.

And just like in life, Holt suggests keeping your tank half full as opposed to half empty.

And in the end, we can count the pennies we're saving as opposed to what we're throwing away.

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