Lincoln County Store Owners Say Hate Is Behind Crimes

The Hatata’s met in Egypt and were married; then they bought Crossroads Oasis Marathon in Hustonville, the only gas station food mart for miles.

In past several weeks, the Hatata’s say vandals have been breaking in and stealing merchandise.

Lydia Rhonda Bryant Hatata suspects a hate crime is the motive behind numerous thefts, burglaries and damage. And those she once trusted, she now suspects.

“Employees letting relatives bag up items and walk out the door,” says Lydia Bryant Hatata.

Police haven't made any arrests, but they don't suspect a hate crime. They think many of these instances have been caused by simply disgruntled employees.

However, Lydia Hatata thinks it's hate based purely on what a former worker said while walking out the door. “The first employee that chose to leave called my husband a blank, blank, blanking Muslim and she walked out,” she says.

Police say they've recommended extra security measures and the Hatata’s say when they reopen, they'll have improved lighting and cameras.

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