Robberies Cause Concern In Southern Kentucky

Police say the Fast Way in Stearns was robbed last Thursday and the Country Store was robbed by a somewhat similar looking suspect on Sunday.

Rick Wilson of Wilson's Quick Stop hasn't been a robbery victim recently, but he wonders how he would react. A Christian man who also runs a drug addict recovery center, he thinks a hold up could just be an opportunity for ministry.

“If something like this were to happen, I want to be able to have piece of mind. And maybe even present the Gospel to that person,” says Wilson.

Another nearby store owner says he's got a double barrel shot gun waiting for whoever robs him. Many stores already have cameras, and Wilson says his nine are not enough, especially when he's dealing in what has now become a somewhat dangerous profession.

“Especially when you're opening or closing. Fear in that. I try not to think about it that much and trust in the Lord,” says Wilson.

A McCreary County deputy says he can't comment on whether the same person is sought for both robberies. A state police detective says it appears one robber may be a bit bigger than the other from what’s in surveillance video. No arrests have been made.

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