Vandals Hit Lexington Neighborhood

Just days from Christmas and vandals are still out destroying holiday displays.

One family spoke to 27 NEWSFIRST about the vandalism they say they've had to deal with two years in a row.

There are many houses decked out with Christmas decorations down Meadow Lane, but after last night, one less home displays the holiday spirit, but it's not by choice.

Benita Redmond says the vandals left her yard a mess, destroying all her holiday decorations, only leaving behind a few strands of lights and some wire.

Benita says she's upset that someone would do this, but she's mainly disappointed for her grandson who will be coming to Grandma's house for Christmas.

She also says her display was vandalized much worse last year.

And even then, the Grinch has not been able to take her Christmas spirit.

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