Store Owners Concerned After Recent Robberies

After two convenience store robberies McCreary County store owners are taking steps to protect themselves.

Rick Wilson of Wilson's Quick Stop hasn't been a robbery victim recently but he wonders how he would react. He says he's a Christian man who also runs a drug addict recovery center and thinks a hold up could just be an opportunity for ministry.

Another nearby store owner says he's got a double barrel shot gun waiting for whoever robs him. Many stores already have cameras and Wilson says his 9 are not enough especially when he's dealing in what has now become a somewhat dangerous profession.

It's not known if the same person is committing both robberies. A deputy says he can't comment on that.
Both robberies happened about 5 p.m. and both were committed by a white man wearing either a ski mask or a bandanna.
The suspect at the Fast Way robbery was seen driving a blue Ford truck.
No arrests have been made.