Officers Injured In Bar Brawl During Christmas Party

A brawl breaks out at a hotel bar in Lexington, injuring two police officers, and sending eight people to jail.

Around eleven Thursday night, Lexington Police responded to a disorder at Bogart's inside the Campbell House Crowne Plaza on South Broadway.

Shepherd Communications, based in Nicholasville, was having its first-ever Christmas party at the hotel bar, Bogart's.

Police say they responded to the hotel because there were reports of fights going on. Employees of Shepherd Communication say nobody was fighting. They say the most violent thing that had happened all night was a picture fell off the wall.

Police arrested Kathy Billings, Robert Kendall, Johnathan Portwood, Bobbie Jo Portwood, Karen Portwood, James Portwood, David Sparks, and Daniel Billings.

Daniel Billings is charged with four counts of assault, two counts resisting arrest, criminal trespassing, and disorderly conduct.

Those arrested claim police over reacted. One man says he stumbled down the stairs while talking to an officer. He says the officer told he he was resisting arrest and then took him down to the ground, cutting his face.

One officer suffered a dislocated shoulder and an injured back, after he says a woman jumped on him. He's expected to be out of work for a while. Another officer sprained his thumb.

Those arrested claim they never did anything to hurt the officers.

All eight suspects were in court on Friday afternoon for an arraignment.

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