Police Officers Allege Somerset Mayor Abused Power

Problems within the police department began about a year ago before Mayor Eddie Girdler even took office. Attorney Scott Foster says that Girdler told then Police Chief David Biggerstaff that the mayor wanted control over promotions; a move that went against protocol.

Biggerstaff resigned and then Foster says problems began for six officers who didn't support Mayor Girdler in the election. The officers who did support Girdler would be rewarded, and Foster says just the opposite would happen for those that did not.

The lawsuit alleges that the officers were denied their civil rights and their earnings potential because the mayor’s current system would prevent them from being promoted.

The six officers claim the mayor is taking his powers way too far by running the office through executive orders and not according to procedures, local ordinances and even state law.

The police officers want a trial by jury and an unspecified dollar amount as judgment.

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