Grinch Steals Christmas Presents From Lexington Home

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It's a real-life case of a Grinch stealing Christmas; after a Lexington family is cleaned out by burglars.
It happened around 3 p.m. Sunday at a home on Hume road.
The Ginter family says returned home from a shopping trip to find their home broken into and thousands of dollars worth of items and Christmas presents taken from their home.
Nearly all of the families Christmas gifts as well as electronics and even an engagement ring were stolen from home.
The family typically opens gifts on Christmas Eve morning. To continue their family tradition, they took a last minute shopping trip to Wal-Mart as well as a few other retailers, but they say the damage has already been done and they are now warning other homeowners so this doesn't happen to another family.
Police are investigating the incident to see if it's connected to any other recent break-ins.

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