McCreary County Family Mourns 11-Year-Old's Death

Early Saturday morning Jessica Moore and her grandmother, Rhoda Partin, were headed north to Somerset. The 11-year-old sixth grader was on the hunt for a popular item.

“Had given the little girl 20 dollars, so the grandmother was taking her to Wal-Mart to get a Hannah Montana pillow,” said Kathleen Marnhout Foley, a friend of Jessica’s family.

But police say just across the Pulaski County line, a few miles from home, another car crossed the center line and hit the Toyota Camry that Partin was driving, head-on. Partin and the other driver survived, but Jessica died.

Instead of preparing for probably what was one of Jessica's favorite days of the year, her family went to the McCreary County Funeral Home on Christmas Eve to prepare for her funeral, and that's where Gregory Goodin, also a friend of the family, tried to help a grieving family through a very trying time, a time of year that is usually joyous.

“Only thing I can do to tell the family to look to God and prayer, people praying for them,” said Goodin.

Ironically, Jessica's family is known throughout McCreary County for singing at funerals, and Jessica was just beginning to blossom as a singer herself.

“I'm told also that this little girl could sing like a bird. She was coming on with the others,” said Foley.

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