Lexingtonian Embodies Holiday Spirit, Despite Personal Tragedy

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He's spreading the Christmas spirit to the Lexington community for one last time, and it hasn't been easy for Santa's helper to get to this point.

One Lexington man puts his personal tragedy aside, to help bring holiday spirit to others.

Jerry Allender has been one of Santa's helpers for a long time.

His job is simply to smile and wave at those hustling and bustling down Nicholasville Road.

"When people honk there horn and wave they're grabbing hold for a few seconds to the joy we're all searching for," Allender says.

But this year, the joy has been hard to come by. Allender's only son died earlier this month. His funeral was only a few weeks ago.

Allender says his faith is what drives him to continue this holiday season.

And before he hangs up the Santa hat for good, he's waving one more time, in honor of his friend who suffered a stroke just days ago.

As he ended his last day, he's headed to Central Baptist on his horse and buggy, to bring some holiday joy to his friend.

Even those close to St. Nick have to go through hard times, and throughout it all, Jerry Allender is still spreading holiday cheer this Christmas season.

He maybe taking the long way to North Pole, but he's leaving smiles all along the way.

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