Troops Overseas Celebrate Christmas

(AP Photo/Maya Alleruzzo)

Troops stationed in Afghanistan get a little piece of home this Christmas Day.

At camp Eggers in Kabul, soldiers attend Christmas mass and enjoy a traditional holiday meal.

The base even put up a Christmas tree, and they did their best to "deck the halls."

While many of the soldiers wish to be back home, some say at least they get to be with their new, extended families.

“I can say I wish I was home with my family, I have talked with them this morning and wished them a Merry Christmas and they are doing fine and, I am glad that I can be here and serve my country and help these people out here, and just wish everybody a Merry Christmas, all around the world,” says Larry Oster, a solider.

“If I can not be home with my family, I have 13 soldiers in my squad that is like a family so I am here spending it with them,” says Ralph Travis, another solider.

Camp Eggers is named after captain Daniel Edwards, an American soldier killed along with three others by an explosive in 2004.

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