Man Charged With Kidnapping, Assault After Police Standoff

A standoff with police ended peacefully Wednesday morning in Frankfort.

Louisville police say they were called out early in the morning to a home on Ford Haven Road after a report of shots fired. Police say 26-year-old Kenneth McCormick took off from the home with his wife and his seven-year old son.

The wife was dumped off in Jeffersonville and she told police McCormick was on his way to his brother's house in Frankfort.

Frankfort police responded to McCormick's brother's house on Wilson Street where they say they found McCormick's pick-up truck.

Police called in the SWAT team and K-9 units because there were reports he was armed. After about a half hour worth of negotiations, McCormick gave himself up. No one was hurt.

McCormick is charged with burglary, assault, kidnapping and intimidating a witness. There could be more charges to come. McCormick will be returned to Louisville after Frankfort police are done questioning him.

His brother, Joe McCormick, will not face charges.

Joe McCormick says the charges come as a shock to him. He says he didn't know of any problems of abuse between his brother and his wife.

As for the boy, he's said to be doing fine. He's staying with his uncle for the time being.

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