Somerset Residents Say Birds Are Big Problem

The skies over the Green Meadows subdivision were crystal clear early Wednesday afternoon. But at night, close to sunset, people say theses blue skies turn almost black, with birds!

“Aw man. They're unreal. They take over,” says Jerry King of Magnolia Drive in Somerset.

King is among many here upset over droppings on mailboxes, roofs and cars. “You don't dare walk outside. It's a mess,” he says.

A few blocks away, it's easy to see where the birds took aim on the local Allstate insurance office.

“A pain, too, because you don't know what kind of disease they could carry,” says Allstate Manager Debbie Trueblood.

Local health officials say the solution may be find in a cannon that when fired sounds more like a gun.

But Trueblood questions whether that would solve the problem, or just send the birds to another part of town.

“But they need to do something to get rid of them, too. If they're a nuisance here, we're just scaring them way to someone else,” says Trublood.

Health officials say they plan to start firing the cannons to scare off the birds sometime next week.

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