Man Shot By Deputy Faces Serious Charges

A man accused of aiming a gun at a deputy at the Grant County jail now faces some serious charges.

Police say once Joey T. Montgomery is released from the hospital in Cincinnati, he'll be arrested and charged with Criminal Attempt To Commit Murder Of A Police Officer.

Police sat at around 4:20 Thursday afternoon, Montgomery came into the jail, armed with a shotgun. Witnesses say he demanded to see Jailer Steve Kellam.

Deputy Brian Maines from the Grant County Sheriff's Office was the first law enforcement officer on the scene. He confronted Montgomery near the front door of the Jail. Police say he ordered Montgomery to drop his weapon, but instead he walked towards Maines and shouldered the shotgun.

Police say Maines then shot Montgomery twice in the leg.

Montgomery was flown to the University of Cincinnati Hospital for treatment. There's no word on his condition.

Deputy Maines have been placed on administrative duty, as is customary after a shooting.

Montgomery will be extradicted back to Kentucky after he's released from the hospital.

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