Catalytic Converters Stolen From State Vehicles

An investigation is underway in the capitol city after several state cars became the targets of thieves.

Someone stole catalytic converters from half a dozen vehicles at the Division of Air Quality and the Nature Preserves Commission in Frankfort.

Police say in addition to the state cars, one private vehicle parked in the lot was also hit by the thieves.

The thefts happened sometime between two and three on Friday morning.

Catalytic converters are responsible for limiting the fumes from your vehicle's exhaust. They can be sawed off in a matter of seconds.

Mechanics say depending on the vehicle the converter is taken from, it can be re-sold for between 75 and 200 dollars. Police say thieves take the stolen parts to pawn shops or recycling centers to make a quick buck.

Your vehicle can operate without a catalytic converter, but it may trigger other problems in your engine.

State police say they don't have many leads in Friday's thefts. If you have any information, please call state police.

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