More Than 100 Dogs Found Living in Filth In Casey County

Caleb Stinson's property on South Fork Creek Road in Casey County isn't large, yet officials say it was home to more than 100 dogs.

Stinson was cited because officials say the dogs were living in filth. Stinson says he fed the dogs, but a colon condition kept him from properly cleaning their quarters.

Animal Control officers then had a daunting task; what to do with so many dogs. Most were taken to the Taylor County Animal Shelter.

“We made room here. And we went over there. We helped him get the dogs. When I got there, we got 70 dogs,” says Taylor County Animal Shelter Director John Harris.

With that many dogs brought in at one time, Harris, said there was a concern some of the dogs would have to be euthanized.

But with Christmas right around the corner and dog rescue groups in Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio willing to help, none had to be put down.

“We just worked together. We took one dog at a time and logged it in and cleaning after that. Many dogs took a lot of work,” says Harris.

Stinson says he's a minister and says someone unhappy with his church turned him in. But he says he understands why he was cited and is just happy the dogs are going to good homes.

“The guy was feeding them good. He just got sick. He just couldn't take care of that many dogs,” says Harris.

Stinson will answer to second degree animal cruelty charges when he is arraigned on January 8th.

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