2007 Murders Surpass 2006 In Lexington

Lexington had 15 homicides in 2007. Police tell us that number is up from last year but consistent with years past. Sergeant Paul Williams says one thing different this year is the type of homicides we've seen.

He says many of this year's killings were domestic. Several involved a man and woman.
Three of the homicide victims this year were infants. Overall 10 of the homicides happened with gun shots, 2 were stabbings, 2 were blunt force trauma and one was a heat related fatality from a fire.

While there are still three homicides unsolved in Lexington, the city has a higher solvability rate than the nation overall. Nearly 80% of Lexington homicides get solved. That statistic is one Williams attributes to his detectives who he says don't like to have unsolved cases on their desks
Williams also tells us help from community plays a big role.

He thinks one of the three unsolved cases will be solved in the coming weeks.

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