Danville Man Facing Murder Trial Dies In Prison

LAGRANGE, Ky. (AP) - An 83-year-old man who was standing trial in central Kentucky on a murder charge for allegedly gunning down his neighbor has died in custody.

Jack Caldwell Sr. of Danville died early Monday at the Kentucky State Reformatory. Deputy Warden Paige McGuire confirmed Caldwell's death but did not have the cause.

Caldwell's trial began in November but was continued until at least January because of Caldwell's health problems. In early December, Judge Darren Peckler delayed the trial because Caldwell was battling a staph infection.

Caldwell was accused of fatally shooting his next-door neighbor, Jim Trachsel, as the victim mowed his lawn in 2004. The defense argued that Trachsel rode his lawn tractor close to Caldwell, who was startled and fired in self-defense.

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