Gunfire During London Grocery Store Robbery

The Kroger store had just opened about 7 Monday morning when a man with a Carhart jacket and blue jeans was seen walking in. Police say he did a good job of concealing his identity with a fake beard.

One worker at the front of the store was slightly roughed up by the robber. Police then say the robber took him to an office where money was stolen. He left less than a minute later, but police say not before letting workers know he meant business.

“He fired one round. In the counter. He told employees not to follow him,” says London Police Det. Blaine Inman.

Police say no one was hurt, but people were shaken up because of what the robber said and way he acted.

“He was screaming at the employees. Pretty charged up,” says Det. Inman.

Police say they don't now what kind of car or truck he left in. They say he's about 5-10 or 11 and that he weighs about 150 pounds. He had a nickel plated handgun.

Police say he should be considered armed and dangerous and they warn people not to approach him. If you can any information, call 606-878-7000. Crime Stoppers is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

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