New Year's Eve Party in Pulaski Turns Deadly

The Miller family was apparently preparing to ring in the New Year when police say John Lester showed up at their Cumberland Manor apartment. But police don't think he was there to crash the party.

“He was there to watch the new year come in. He was invited there by a family member of Mr. Miller,” said Pulaski County Sheriff Todd Wood.

Lester's parents say their son was at the Cumberland Manor apartment to see his fiance. But police say her father, Timothy Miller, did not want Lester there.

“That a confrontation did at some point get physical,” says Sheriff Wood.

And that's when police say Lester shot Miller in the chest, who later died at Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital.

John Lester declined to give his side of the story from the Pulaski County Jail, but his family says the shot may have been fired in self defense.

Police say this is clearly an act of murder and the only one with a gun was Lester.

Lester remains in the Pulaski County Jail waiting his first court date.

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