Catalytic Converter Thefts On The Rise In Berea

It's a growing problem that has police and many car owners in Berea fed up.

Police say they're seeing an alarming increase in the number of catalytic converter thefts stolen from cars.

Officials say thieves steal the converters for valuable metals such as platinum and rhodium.

Berea Police say the number of thefts have doubled in their city within the past month. Now, they want state lawmakers to address the problem.

Police are stepping up patrols and encouraging car owners to take precautions.

They suggest parking your cars in well lit areas, especially those you don't drive as much.

Police also hope to gain the support of those buying catalytic converters.

Many who steal them sell them to junk yard operators. Police say those operators could help by buying converters only from vendors.

Right now, Kentucky does not have any laws restricting anyone from selling catalytic converters.

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