Thieves Targeting GPS Units And Satellite Radios In Cars

Some thieves with an eye for high tech gadgets are making several Lexington car owners their victims.

Police say the thieves are looking for GPS units or satellite radios, and they get what they want by smashing through car windows.

That happened three times in Lexington between 6 and 10 Tuesday night.

Two of those happened at movie theaters. Cars were broken into at the Regal in Hamburg and the Carmike off Mapleleaf Drive. Police say the thieves likely thought they would have plenty of time to commit the crimes while their victims were inside the theater.

Police say they have very little to go on at this time. But they're urging people to make sure they don't leave expensive items visible in their vehicles.

According to most electronic retailers, a typical GPS or satellite radio unit costs between $100 and $400.

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