Couple Rescued From Burning Lexington Home

They made it out just in the nick of time with the help of some brave strangers. A disabled couple managed to escape their burning home on Lexington's Perry Street, but they couldn't do it alone.

It was around 11 Thursday morning when the home owner noticed the smell of smoke in the air and realized the house was on fire.

Virginia Bell says the fire started after a fuse in the house went out. Her husband, Leonard, tried to fix it.

"I heard something pop and I told him, I think the house is on fire, we need to get out," she said.

But the Bells weren't the only two home at the time. Virginia's mom, who suffers from Parkinson's disease, was still in the house.

Patrick Taylor lives next door and saw the home burning. He and an off-duty firefighter rushed into the burning home. Fire officials say they arrived in about three minutes and saw the men wheeling the woman out of the house.

It appears the rescue came just in time. The fire continued to spread through the attic of the home.

"While they were getting her out, the light and ceiling fan above their bed fell in the bed and fire went everywhere," said Bell,.

Bell's step-father was also able to make it out safely. Fire fighters were able to put the fire out, leaving most of the house in tact.

But Virginia Bell knows how lucky she is to have all of her family safe tonight. She says if it weren't for the brave men who went into her burning home, her family member may not have made it out alive.

The Bell family is staying at a hotel provided by the Red Cross. They do have insurance, but say they don't know when they'll be able to rebuild the home.

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