Wayne County Woman Loses Everything In Fire

Just after 8AM Thursday morning, Deanna Cox says she was taking her little girl to her father's home. When she came back home, there was nothing left.

“It's home; it meant a lot to me. It's my dad and mom's home. I lost my dad in May, he left it to me,” says Cox.

The Monticello assistant fire chief says nothing appears to be blatantly suspicious, but he says it's too early to label a cause. He has called the KSP arson investigator to look into it.

Investigators say the fire started in the back of the trailer. Cox says nothing was left and believes the fire may have been set.

“Well, there's been two or three threatening to burn me out since I've been back. I guess they've done it,” says Cox.

But in her time of despair, there is a little bit of hope. A Good Samaritan, who heard about the fire, showed up to help with an offer of clothes from a storage shed.

“I've had two fires. I went through it myself. So I just felt like, I've got it, why not give it to them,” said Lenna Troxell.

Cox says she lost everything, but she has family to stay with in the short term.

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