General Assembly Session Starts Tuesday

Nearly 400 bill requests will be considered by lawmakers, but much of the talk is about the budget.

Governor Steve Beshear says the budget process is “going to be painful,” speaking of cuts.

“(It) just hit $100 for a barrel of oil, and that obviously takes money out of people's pockets in terms of spending it on other things; [it] cuts our revenues down,’’ says Gov. Beshear.

Lawmakers will convene to consider changes to the state's gambling laws. There is a bill to require booster seats for certain size children riding in cars, and one to increase penalties for people who abuse animals.

However, money continues to be the most talked about issue.

“Depending on whether we cut taxes a little bit, then that impacts the budget. If we have additional expenditures for education, then that affects the budget, if we expand health care for children, then that impacts the budget,” says Rep. Robert Damron, D-Nicholasville.

Money is tight, but the Governor promises no new taxes.

“I don't have any kind of tax increase at this time. I think Kentuckians are taxed enough. Particularly in these hard economic times,” says Gov. Beshear.

Also on the table are bills to limit tuition increases and one that would possibly set up a sales tax holiday to help people buy school supplies during the month of August.

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