Police Work To Identify Four Victims Killed in Fiery Car Crash

Tragedy in a small Southeastern Kentucky town after a fiery weekend crash claims four young lives.

Police say two females and two males were in a car when it crashed into a tree and burst into flames on Highway 92 in the Ingram community of Bell County.

Police are still working to identify all four victims they say it could be tomorrow before autopsy results provide all the victim's names. But some friends and family say they already know their loved one was involved including the driver of the car, now his family is in mourning.

Eighteen year old Wesley Cole and his 16 year old girlfriend Shauna McCreary were among the young lives cut short after the car they were in, went off the road, hit a tree and burst into flames.

Flames his family believes, Wesley tried to escape.

"We found part of Wesley's jacket he had on that night, so evidently he must've been trying to get out and that's what bothers me the most, that he was still alive," Wesley's family said.

But he's gone now and as his family and friends try to comfort each other Wesley's uncle remembers the boy the family says resembled him most.

"They used to say he was my son cause he's just like me, he's a good kid, I loved him to death so I know I'm gonna miss him," Wesley's uncle, Willie Cole said.

Wesley's relatives prepare for the funeral of the young man, they say brought joy to many lives and is now in a better place.

We understand Wesley Cole was a student at Montgomery High School until his senior year, when his family moved to Bell County. Teachers in Mt. Sterling tell 27 NEWSFIRST they remember the young man fondly as a student well liked by his peers.

Police believe slick roads might have played part in the accident.

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