Budget Woes Overshadow General Assembly

The Governor has already sounded the alarm that lawmakers need to pay attention to the state's bleak financial condition. Some lawmakers agree.

"In my 22 years, [it is] one of the toughest situations as far as the budget goes. In the shortfall of revenue since I've been here," says House Majority Floor Leader Rocky Adkins, D-Sandy Hook.

Legislators are being told the state's coffers don't have $500 million it needs to meet services. There is word that education could take a hit, even kindergarten through 12th grades.

But most here say they hope schools for the youngest Kentuckians don't suffer.

"By the same token, I think everything is on the table when the legislature is in session. Hopefully we will be able to meet the needs of education," says Rep. Danny Ford, R-Mt. Vernon.

Multiple lawmakers are asking for teacher raises; some want a sales tax holiday for certain times of the year. Another wants a mandate that college tuition won't increase for several years. But many here say many of the 300 plus pre filed bills are overshadowed by the state spending plan.

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