Senator Pushing Motorcycle Helmet Law

Senator Julian Carroll, when he was governor decades ago, signed the first helmet law, but in recent years, lawmakers repealed that law. Now he says, because of the rising cost of health care, helmets need to be mandated again.

“Is that once they (riders) get injured, and their chance of survival isn't that great without helmets, but if they survive, the state ends up picking up the bill,” says Sen. Carroll, D-Frankfort.

And, Carroll says many times the taxpayers end up ultimately paying more. But he says passing a helmet law isn't very likely this session, because many lawmakers oppose the bill.

Carroll says some say helmets restrict the ability of riders to turn their heads and see traffic. Others tell him they don't agree with his assessment of higher health costs because crash victims can't pay for their own life long care.

“What I'm talking about is those individuals who end up getting a head injury and it's so significant that they require hospitalization or care the rest of their lives,” says Carroll.

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