Superintendent Reacts To Possible Cuts To Education Funding

With the state in a budget crisis, schools across Kentucky are being asked to prepare to tighten their belts and maybe even plan for funding cuts.

Jessamine County is getting prepared for the potential for major cuts in education funding come next school year. Superintendent Lu Young says a 7% cut in Seek funds would add up to about $1.7 million.

Young says one thing the district will have to consider if the cuts happen is lay-offs.

"I wouldn't say automatically, but yes, lay-offs will be considered and we have to look at it closely," she said.

Young says some programs like the Mandarin Chinese program and all-day kindergarten would probably be on the chopping block too.

Young says Kentucky has a goal of being proficient by 2014 and the state is well on it's way to accomplishing that goal, but she says cutting funding now could be devastating.

"We are making those gains so now is not the time to cut education funding in Kentucky," she said.

Young has been a part of Jessamine County schools for many years and hasn't seen anything like this in a long time. She says the last time she remembers such deep cuts was back in 1990.

Nothing is set in stone, but if the cuts happen, Jessamine County says it's ready and the district will be able to handle it.

Education Commissioner Jon Draud has requested all superintendents figure out how they would handle a possible cut in funding, but at a meeting Wednesday afternoon, Draud said he doesn't expect to see any drastic cuts.

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