Final Preparations For Quadruple Murder Trial

A Jessamine County mother charged with four counts of murder will go on trial next week.

It's been a year-and-a-half since police say Melissa Helton crashed her van, killing a woman and three children, including her own son. Police say she was drunk at the time of the crash.

Thursday, attorneys met to iron out last minute details in the trial.

Melissa Helton sat quietly next to her attorney during the hearing. It's a seat she'll come to know well.. She goes on trial Monday morning.

She left court, still showing signs of the accident that happened in August of 2006. She walks with a limp and a cane. Those are here wounds. The four others in Helton's van on the night of the crash, weren't that lucky.

Her own son, 12-year-old Nicholas Helton, along with ten-year-old Emily Preston and 11-year-old Caleb Hildenbrandt were all killed in the crash. Helton's van slammed into a tree on Watts mill Road.

Lori Latham, an adult passenger in the car, died weeks later from her injuries.

Thursday in court, attorneys stood at the judge's bench for close to an hour, discussing photos the prosecution wants to use in the upcoming trial, as well as the mental state of the defendant. The judge says they will meet again in his chambers Friday and discuss the mental history of Helton.

Both the prosecution and defense would not comment on camera about Helton's mental status.

The judge is trying to make sure jury selection only takes a day. That will start Monday. Helton faces 20 to 50 years or life in prison for each count of murder. The death penalty is not an option for the prosecution because the crash was not intentional.

In addition to the four counts of murder, Helton is also charged with DUI and wanton endangerment.

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